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Nobody knows better than we do about Mississippi summers. The brutal heat, not to mention dryness, is a lethal combination to many of the plants and turf we enjoy. There are two options: plant tough natives and drought-tolerant non-natives which may or may not survive, or lug a hose from one spot to the next, day after day after day. And then, if you are lucky, if your sweat equity pays off, you may have saved your favorite plants...until next summer. This is one reality of gardening in the South.

Irrigation systems carry a mixed bag of connotations. Some folks think they are ineffective, others difficult to operate or costly. Some people simply have a hard time justifying underground irrigation because they feel as if they "can do it themselves". We hear all kinds of trepidation for irrigation systems.

One thing we do not hear: complaints from our customers who installed a custom irrigation system. You see, many of the myths about irrigation can be attributed to poor initial design and installation. With a majority of your system underground, you had better trust the folks doing thework. If not, the problems will literally get covered over.

Good Earth's irrigation team will work with you at every step from design to installation, insuring that your system works flawlessly and that you know how to operate your new system. With quality materials and expertise workmanship, why not quit lugging that hose around, and make a real investment to your property?